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We talked a little about serverless computing, and its basic building blocks known as functions in an earlier post. Functions have their own service, conveniently called Function as a Service (FaaS). What are functions, and how do they relate to serverless computing? FaaS is the concept of serverless computing using serverless architectures. It especially affects software developers, who can leverage this concept to deploy an individual “function”, action, or piece of business logic. These functions are expected to start within milliseconds …

What is serverless computing?

Posted on November 1, 2017 by

What is serverless computing? The idea is growing in popularity, but the term honestly sounds like an oxymoron. How does it work, and why should you consider it for your IT organization? Well, the name is a false promise–there are actually servers involved with serverless computing. They just aren’t managed by the organization. A serverless computing model means your cloud provider takes care of adding, removing, and/or adjusting your server resources based upon demand. You end up with a more …

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