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Sage advice: Healthcare space ‘a great opportunity and a significant burden’

Scared of HIPAA? Don’t be. It represents huge opportunities for the IT world. That was the message from April Sage, Director of Healthcare IT for Online Tech, when she joined Karl Palachuk on his ‘Odd Tuesdays‘ podcast yesterday. (Find the … Continue reading

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Hosted Private Cloud Precautions

Deploying a Hosted Private Cloud is a popular way for companies to immediately see the benefits of Private Cloud computing while avoiding significant upfront costs of deploying the hardware and software resources in-house. Continue reading

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Private Cloud Components: How to Build a Secure Private Cloud

Mike Flaherty explains the different types of cloud computing and the components of a private cloud.

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Why We Use Enterprise Drives in our Managed Dedicated Servers & Private Cloud Servers

Many low end dedicated servers on the market are desktop computers that are stacked on metal shelves or put on roll-able baker’s racks and sold as dedicated “servers”. At Online Tech, desktop computers aren’t what our clients are looking for … Continue reading

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Operational Excellence in Managed Data Centers

The value proposition for a managed data center is actually pretty simple: 1)      You can save money compared to operating your own data center. Whether through basic colocation (where we provide the data center infrastructure and you manage your own … Continue reading

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Live Chat is a Great Way to Learn how to Purchase Managed Dedicated Servers

As the Business Development Manager, I’ve enjoyed educating people from around the world about how to purchase Managed Dedicated servers through our live chat service through WhosOn. The reason I enjoy using this service is that we are just having … Continue reading

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Server Too Busy? Proactive Monitoring Tools Are Vital

I was reading an article by Penny Crosman in the “Wall Street & Technology Reports” January 2009 edition about monitoring servers in a remote data center and it provoked a few thoughts on the importance of monitoring of servers remotely. … Continue reading

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Has Rackspace Become a Fallen Hero?

A few months back, we wrote about the lessons learned from Rackspace’s second power outage and subsequent downtime. We learned that Rackspace does a nice job with transparency and controlling the message in the social media realm. We saw the … Continue reading

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A Guide to Managed Colocation and Unmanaged Colocation

I purchased a server… now what? Server Costs Overview Making a decision on how to handle your IT Infrastructure can be a difficult one and one in which requires some planning.  It is important that you understand all of your … Continue reading

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Managed Dedicated Servers or Colocation? A Look at the Spectrum of Managed IT Options

Managed IT can mean different things to different people.  Many prefer to differentiate 2 separate options – managed dedicated servers OR colocation.   I prefer to think of Managed IT as a spectrum of options. On one end of the spectrum … Continue reading

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