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SaaS Value Added and Risk Management

There is an interesting trade-off in value add and risk management as you move up the SaaS Delivery Stack. The higher layers represent the majority of the value add for most SaaS providers. Continue reading

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5 SaaS Server Hosting Options

As SaaS providers decide between running the servers internally or outsourcing some or all of the server management, they have a number of hosting options available – ranging from basic colocation to managed servers to cloud solutions. Continue reading

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Why We Use Enterprise Drives in our Managed Dedicated Servers & Private Cloud Servers

Many low end dedicated servers on the market are desktop computers that are stacked on metal shelves or put on roll-able baker’s racks and sold as dedicated “servers”. At Online Tech, desktop computers aren’t what our clients are looking for … Continue reading

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Can The Cloud Help Startups?

While reading an article in the March 22nd edition of NETWORKWORLD by Jon Brodkin entitled “DEMO start-ups for the cloud”, I made note of a particularly interesting quote by Jeff Crown, president of DEMO, presenter at VenueGen, that “ this … Continue reading

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The Six Principles of PCI Compliance

This is the second in the series on PCI Compliance by guest blogger Adam Goslin, an experienced consultant that assists companies with achieving and maintaining PCI Compliance.  PCI compliant hosting is important for all of our clients who hold and … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Hosted Business Intelligence – Get in the Game

Stu Silberman, head of Marketing and Sales for Dataspace, discusses the benefits of hosting for business intelligence applications. Ready for two of my favorite business mantras? 1.   “Don’t buy anything you can lease.  Don’t lease anything you can borrow.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Aging Data Center: Time to Remodel or Outsource?

The recent economic downturn has put tremendous pressure on data center operators, as it has on most everyone else, to cut costs and avoid expenses wherever possible. Despite the economic turmoil, however, demand for data storage space and computing power … Continue reading

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Operational Excellence in Managed Data Centers

The value proposition for a managed data center is actually pretty simple: 1)      You can save money compared to operating your own data center. Whether through basic colocation (where we provide the data center infrastructure and you manage your own … Continue reading

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How Social Media Has Helped Online Tech Improve Server Hosting Customer Service

Sometimes it seems so obvious after the fact.  That’s the case when we started using social media tools to improve customer support in our managed data center business. Online Tech is fairly active in the social media world when it … Continue reading

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Is a N+1 Data Center the Best Strategy for Small and Mid-Size Businesses?

I was just describing what N+1 means for a data center to a team of new employees that joined Online Tech this week. The question came up – is an N+1 data center the best strategy for small & mid-size … Continue reading

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