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The Big Switch to Managed Services and Private Cloud

Customer Big Switch to Managed Services “Customers don’t want to deal with equipment anymore,” says Yan Ness, Online Tech’s Co-CEO.  We are seeing customers more focused on buying applications than dealing with their servers.  They want to use our fully … Continue reading

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Online Tech Exhibits Michigan Hosting Solutions at 2013 Midwest Technology Leaders

Michigan data center operator Online Tech will be exhibiting a range of secure hosting solutions for mission critical applications, including cloud hosting, colocation, managed servers, compliant hosting and disaster recovery, at the Midwest Technology Leaders 2013 symposium for IT executives … Continue reading

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Michigan Colocation: Where Should You Host Your Data?

IBM estimates that 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 (2.5 quintillion) bytes of data are being created every day. Gone are the days when data can simply be stored on desktops. With people sending 144.8 billion emails sent per day, organizations and individuals creating 571 … Continue reading

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Review Your Server’s Backup Status with OTPortal

As an Online Tech client, you can use OTPortal to easily monitor the backup status of any servers for which you have OTBackup. Login to OTPortal at https://customer.onlinetech.com, open the Systems tab, and check the Devices section. Here you’ll find … Continue reading

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Benefits of Managed Dedicated Servers

When it comes to conducting a cost-benefit analysis of hosting your servers with a third party versus maintaining your own servers, take note that benefits lie primarily in security, support, reliability and scalability. Leaving IT up to the experts can … Continue reading

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2011 Data Center Market Trends

DataCenterKnowledge.com recently released their 2011/2012 Data Center Market Insights report detailing the key trends driving data center market growth. Their methodology included a poll of over 200 data center professionals, including IT executives and facilities management in more than 13 … Continue reading

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SaaS Value Added and Risk Management

There is an interesting trade-off in value add and risk management as you move up the SaaS Delivery Stack. The higher layers represent the majority of the value add for most SaaS providers. Continue reading

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5 SaaS Server Hosting Options

As SaaS providers decide between running the servers internally or outsourcing some or all of the server management, they have a number of hosting options available – ranging from basic colocation to managed servers to cloud solutions. Continue reading

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Why We Use Enterprise Drives in our Managed Dedicated Servers & Private Cloud Servers

Many low end dedicated servers on the market are desktop computers that are stacked on metal shelves or put on roll-able baker’s racks and sold as dedicated “servers”. At Online Tech, desktop computers aren’t what our clients are looking for … Continue reading

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The Six Principles of PCI Compliance

This is the second in the series on PCI Compliance by guest blogger Adam Goslin, an experienced consultant that assists companies with achieving and maintaining PCI Compliance.  PCI compliant hosting is important for all of our clients who hold and … Continue reading

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