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In the 5/3/10 InformationWeek article “Microsoft’s Cloud Plan: What’s In It For You?” by Chris Murphy, he says that Microsoft is all in. The article suggests they are actually trying to help people do what they really will need to do for the modern time. I guess if you are a complete Microsoft shop there might just be something in it for you. However, if you are like most companies not all your apps are Microsoft based, how does that …

SaaS Increasing Data Center Demand

Posted on July 28, 2009 by

Data Center Journal Reports SaaS Demand is Pushing Demand for Data Center Space If SaaS or cloud computing are the solution for companies to reduce their IT requirements as well as data center space then the IT and space that is lost at the corporate level must be compensated for by the cloud or SaaS provider. This is the opportunity for many cloud and software as a service providers are now facing. Those companies that have planned for the cloud …

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