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Ransomware has exploded in popularity during the past two years, with the number of identified families growing 400 percent since 2015. It affects individuals, nonprofits and enterprises alike, but it’s is particularly fond of the healthcare industry because of the value of patient data and the criticality of hospitals. To help the healthcare IT industry (and others) learn more about ransomware, I’ve compiled a list of the most informational articles on the web to date. Health and Human Services Department …

How to avoid spear phishing bait

Posted on September 14, 2016 by

In the war against cybercriminals, we’ve learned to block messages from people we don’t know and avoid emails that have an excessive amount of capital letters, exclamation points and bad spelling. We’ve also generally recognized that we sadly haven’t come into a large fortune from a Nigerian prince if we just send him our financial information and a little bit of money. But what if the email is from someone you know, with their email address, a normal-sounding subject line, …

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