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Cloud Computing and Compliance

Posted on July 19, 2012 by

It’s time to clear up any confusion still out there about service providers and cloud computing – we’ve seen misinformed individuals step forward with several different ideas about the industry. Many think cloud computing is any company that provides an application or service online, which it is. But from a managed hosting provider’s perspective, we provide something a little different. One use of cloud computing is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), which is another term for any application available via the Internet. This …

SaaS Value Added and Risk Management

Posted on November 2, 2010 by

There is an interesting trade-off in value add and risk management as you move up the SaaS Delivery Stack. The higher layers represent the majority of the value add for most SaaS providers.

The end user experience is the result of how the SaaS delivery stack is implemented. Key factors include usability, security, uptime, scalability, extensibility and response times.

Cloud Computing and SaaS Migration

Posted on October 19, 2010 by

The private cloud can simplify the process of migrating client-server applications to SaaS. Once the hardware platform is in place, a new virtual server instance can be spun up for each new customer quickly and for minimal incremental costs. Migrating client-server solutions to the private cloud removes the risk of rewriting code to a multi-tenant application from the critical path and delivers the same end user experience as in the client-server model.

Recently, I was reading a great article by Joel York over at his SaaS Blog, Chaotic Flow. In his article, “SaaS Marketing Tips – The Truth Shall Set You Free“, he explains the critical difference in the sales process between selling traditional software and Software-as-a-Service: transparency or lack there of, on behalf of the software company. Traditional software companies teach their sales employees “to avoid disclosing any more information than the minimum necessary to close the deal.” Because of the …

I was just describing what N+1 means for a data center to a team of new employees that joined Online Tech this week. The question came up – is an N+1 data center the best strategy for small & mid-size enterprises? The answer is “it depends”. “N” is enough to do the job – enough power, cooling, UPS, or internet bandwidth required to support the servers and applications running in the data center.  “N+1” is having 1 more of every …

Announced today, uRefer, the leading referral marketing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, has signed an agreement with Online Tech to host their SaaS referral platform in Online Tech’s SAS-70 certified data centers. Posted on uRefer’s company blog earlier in the week, uRefer had this to say about the new partnership, “Online Technologies is an Ann Arbor-based company with an incredibly rich service offering. They have been able to handle every requirement that we have thrown them, from physical security to backup and …

To some extent, managed dedicated servers hosted in an outsourced data center have now become a trusted data bank on which the SaaS business model depends. That explains why many SaaS providers are being required to achieve PCI compliance or HIPAA compliance, as well as periodic and detailed audits of their systems, such as a SAS-70 audit. Excerpt from:  e-Tips: Seven Essential Hosting Questions For SaaS Providers.

Nothing is more frustrating as a SaaS company than getting little to no information about a service issue from your hosting provider.  The SaaS best hosting providers have a genuine and very visible culture of service that prevents this from happening to their clients. Expect to see systems such as port-level network monitoring plus automated trouble ticket notification in the event of a service degradation or break/fix issue. And any reputable provider will be following clearly documented guidelines for all …

We just published a new e-Tips white paper on the Seven Essential Questions SaaS Companies Should Ask Their Hosting Providers before selecting a partner. Beyond these seven questions, what questions do you consider essential in selecting your SaaS Hosting partner?

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