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HIMSS 13: HHS Final Ruling Changes the Rules & Roles for HIPAA Hosting

At HIMSS 13, I attended a session, A Dialogue on HIPAA/HITECH Compliance: Considerations Now That the HITECH Rules Are Here that revealed insights into real-world applications of the new privacy and security rules, including the practical implications of the final … Continue reading

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SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) Adoption On The Rise

A new Gartner report that focused on the adoption patterns of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) globally, found its use increasing dramatically both in new as well as established markets in the ten countries around the world that were polled. Much of this … Continue reading

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Cloud Computing and Compliance

It’s time to clear up any confusion still out there about service providers and cloud computing – we’ve seen misinformed individuals step forward with several different ideas about the industry. Many think cloud computing is any company that provides an … Continue reading

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The Maturing Cloud: Is Your Organization Ready to Cross The Chasm?

At the IDC Directions 2010 conference a few weeks ago there was a presentation entitled “The Maturing Cloud: What it will take to Win” Frank Gens explained that the most significant growth opportunities in the IT market will be in … Continue reading

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Commentary on The Evolution of Application Software Development

In the 3/26/10 article on the “Practical Advice on Saas Marketing” blog there is a great reference and comparison to how cars were built at the Ford Motor River Rouge complex and the evolution of application software development. Strange as … Continue reading

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SaaS Drives Down The Cost of Computing In Education

In the 3/24/10 edition of the “Great Lakes Innovation and Technology Report” an article was written about Healthmaster Holdings LLC. Healthmaster Holding LLC is a company that provides electronic medical record software and Medicaid billing for schools. A quote from … Continue reading

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Why You Need A SaaS Strategy – Information Week Commentary

In the January 10, 2010 INFORMATION WEEK article written by Michael Biddick titled “Why you need a SaaS strategy” he writes, “Three-fourths of companies using SaaS consider application services extremely or critically important to their organizations, according to our InformationWeek … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: Hosted Business Intelligence – Get in the Game

Stu Silberman, head of Marketing and Sales for Dataspace, discusses the benefits of hosting for business intelligence applications. Ready for two of my favorite business mantras? 1.   “Don’t buy anything you can lease.  Don’t lease anything you can borrow.  Don’t … Continue reading

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Transparency in SaaS, IaaS, and all as-a-Service Companies

Recently, I was reading a great article by Joel York over at his SaaS Blog, Chaotic Flow. In his article, “SaaS Marketing Tips – The Truth Shall Set You Free“, he explains the critical difference in the sales process between … Continue reading

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All Roads Lead to Data Center Consolidation and Using IaaS

One of the big takeaways from the cloud computing hype over the last year is that everyone wants to do more with less. Keeping your IT infrastructure in-house no longer makes sense from a cost perspective. The cloud computing media … Continue reading

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